Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Quantitatively and Qualitatively Measuring My Site and My End Goal

The other day, Professor Burton and I talked about how I can qualitatively and quantitatively measure the success of my blog, EarlyHomecoming. I told him that I had already installed "Stats" to see how many people viewed my blog each day, and how many people visited it (spent time looking at pages other than the home page). I am currently averaging 258 views per day, with 37 visitors per day. Hopefully that visitors number will go up soon while the blog is in its beginnings, but my guess is that it'll always be lower than the number of visits.

To qualitatively measure my blog, I've decided to install a Poll that will ask visitors 3-4 questions about their experience on my site. If my template will allow it, I'll put the poll on a page labeled "Leave Feedback." If not, I'll install it as a widget on the side bar. I think a "Leave Feedback" page will look nicer and be easier to locate than a poll mixed in with other widgets on the side of my blog.

I'm thinking these are the questions I will ask my viewers. Let me know what you think:

1) Why are you visiting this site today?

2) On a scale of 1-5 how useful is this site to you? (1 being not very useful and 5 being very useful)

3) What features or topics on this site are useful to you?

4) What features or topics would you like to see?

The questions will be open-ended to allow for a broad range of answers. I'm mostly curious at this stage what people think.

I also have decided that I need to come up with an end goal for my blog. I don't want to be blogging about coming home early from a mission for the rest of my life. I think for right now I'm going to make a goal to collect a certain number of stories from each group under "Reasons" and "I'm Trying to Help," compile the stories in the book, add my own bit of analysis and research (and hopefully get permission to include research done by Kris Doty or others), and publish a book on this subject.

Those are my thoughts for now! Please share your thoughts with me, particularly what you think about my proposed questions for a poll and my end goal of publishing a book.